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Mos Vestis - is an international specialist advisory firm in economic development, focused on internationalization and investment.
Services include amongst other strategy and business development, trade missions and events. We deliver international Trade & Foreign Direct Investment services focussed on Brazilian and Latin American Market.  We raise capital working closely with both national and international investors, Foreign and local Governments, companies seeking internationalization and/or investment. We also support the growth of innovative/technology startups and scaleups by raising seed/venture capital.

Main Objectives:

  • Matching potential Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Brazil/LATAM ventures

  • Engage with VCs and HNW investors to set up portfolios and evaluating opportunities 

  • Expanding companies markets internationally 

  • Assist in Joint Ventures between companies and R&D centers


  • M&A matching 

  • Due Diligence

  • Post Merger Integration consultancy

  • Re-organizations

  • Market entry Research


  • Aerospace & Aviation

  • Agriculture & Livestock

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Government/Defense/Security

  • Healthcare/Bio-Technology and Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Transport & Infrastructure



Mr. Blankenburgh is a Strategy Advisor and M&A Specialist who also founded several companies and is based in Rio de Janeiro since 2002. He worked as manager/executive for organizations like the European Space Agency, KLM-Air France, Akzo Nobel, Fujitsu and managed complex IT infrastructure and software development projects. He advises and gives lectures about market entry into Brazil for several European banks and their clients (ABN-Amro and Rabobank). His educational background is a Master in Knowledge Management, BSc in Chemistry and a BSc Laboratory Informatics & Automation. Mr. Blankenburgh has lived in Brazil, China, Germany and the Netherlands. He arranged several deals for startups (seed and VC) for startups in digital and commerce segments. Currently, he is working with a wide range of startups such as IoT, Industry 4.0, E-Commerce in industries from Aerospace, Aviation to Luxury/Art. His forte is to quickly grasp the technological essence of startups and translate this into quantifiable terms for investors. His investment network is predominantly based in the Americas and Europe

Offices in Amsterdam & Rio de Janeiro

Amsterdam +31 20 8943 943

Rio de Janeiro
+55 21 9 8894 9489

+55 21 3942 9494

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